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I-Caster Video Streaming Platform

The I-Caster Video Streaming Platform, developed by KBCN Media 360, offers a range of features that allow users to live stream and host videos in their preferred manner.

I-Caster: Powering Your Video Success

With a comprehensive range of features, a highly efficient management dashboard, and an exceptional global network, I-Caster is the ultimate solution for all your video platform requirements. Achieve superior results by working more intelligently and efficiently, delivering top-notch video content to your audience. Experience the best in video platform services with I-Caster.
The platform also offers a variety of tools and features designed to improve productivity and efficiency. Its ultra-fast content management dashboard, along with video metadata, tagging, and search capabilities, allows users to easily manage large amounts of content.

Optimal Quality, Efficient Streaming

I-Caster incorporates adaptive multi-rate streaming, delivering the highest video quality that each viewer’s capability allows for. This ensures optimal viewing experiences for all users while minimizing the bandwidth required.
The platform’s high-efficiency transcoding process ensures that videos are produced at the lowest possible bit rates without compromising quality. This results in better-quality video for viewers while requiring less bandwidth.

I-Caster: Dynamic Playlists, Advanced Video Tools

I-Caster also provides flexible playlist options, including dynamic and custom playlists, to cater to different project requirements. Dynamic playlists enable instant categorization and sorting of unlimited content volumes, while custom playlists allow users to arrange and sort content as intended.
Additionally, the platform offers a range of video tools, such as clip extraction, caption and subtitle set in any language, video swapping without changing links, automatic tagging of uploads, and the creation of MRSS feeds for content syndication to other platforms.
For users looking to reach a wider audience, I-Caster provides support for Roku Direct Publisher and Amazon Fire TV Creator. This allows for the creation of Roku and Fire TV channels, while maintaining full control over shared content. Any updates or changes made on I-Caster are automatically synchronized with the Roku and Fire TV channels.

I-Caster: Simulcast to Multiple Platforms with Total Control

I-Caster’s simulcasting functionality allows users to broadcast live streams to various platforms, including popular ones like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitter/Periscope, and Twitch. This versatile feature ensures that live-streaming content can reach a wide audience while utilizing the platform’s robust international infrastructure for dependable and high-quality broadcasting.
Additionally, users can embed live streams and videos on any website and customize access permissions for each site. With options such as downloadable content and advertising management available on a per-website basis, I-Caster provides comprehensive control over live streaming experiences.

Virtual Cloud Studio Features:

Our platform allows you to have up to six guests in a single session. With screen-sharing capabilities, you can easily showcase your content and ideas. Take advantage of our branding features to personalize your presentations. Enhance your visuals with our wide selection of overlays and backgrounds. Additionally, we offer ticker captions in English to provide additional context and information for your audience.

I-Caster: Advanced Ads and Cloud Recording

Advertising capabilities are also included, with I-Caster supporting real-time globally synchronized ad breaks, bumpers, and pre-roll ads in live streams. Users can promote their interests, communicate with their audience, or monetize their live streams using uploaded ad videos. For more advanced requirements, the platform also supports VAST tags, allowing the use of third-party ad servers.
Live cloud recording is another notable feature of I-Caster, offering reliable and resilient recording of live streams. Users can set streams to automatically record or control the recording process manually. Advanced controls, such as appending to existing recordings or starting new ones, are also available. Completed recordings undergo adaptive multirate processing and seamlessly integrate into the video platform.
Making Money While Live Streaming

Making Money While Live Streaming:

Overall, I-Caster provides a comprehensive video hosting and streaming platform with an array of features and tools to enhance user experiences and productivity.
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